John Sakoda

John Sakoda

About Me:

I was born in Santa Cruz, CA and attended Good Shepherd Catholic school all through my elementary and junior high school days. I later attended Aptos High School and participated in multiple sports in the fall and spring terms. After graduating high school, I went on to graduate from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Finance. The main reason I stayed in the Bay Area was simple, I wanted to be near all my favorite professional sport teams. I not only love to watch sports, but I also love to play almost all of them. Following my graduation at SFSU, I began working at Bank of America as a Relationship Manager, assisting clients with their financial needs. I have spent four plus years working at Bank of America and now I’m currently pursuing my passion for sports at the University of San Francisco’s Sport Management Master’s program.

Favorite Food: Mexican Food

Favorite Teams: San Francisco 49ers, San Francisco Giants, Golden State Warriors

Favorite Quote: “You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them”- Michael Jordan

Career Goals: Become a high level sports manager for a professional or college sport program


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