Jose Ledesma

About Jose:

I was born in Torrance, CA and received a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from California State University, Northridge. My development and passion in world sports started at an early age. I started to play soccer at the age of 4 until the age of 19. Due to an unfortunate knee injury, I couldn’t play the sport I grew up loving to watch and play anymore. While completing my undergraduate degree, I transitioned over from playing sports to accepting a marketing internship opportunity, where I would begin a career in the sports industry. From there, I went on in developing his skill sets in game-day operations, event operations, hospitality, sports marketing, and data & analytics.

Attending the University of San Francisco Sport Management Program, it has enabled me to expand and diversify my skillset in the sports industry. My lifelong passion for sports has been cultivated with the motivation of helping marginalized and underdeveloped communities via sports.

As the Operations Director, I look forward to coordinating, engaging and managing logistics to ensure the success of our events.

Hobbies: Watching Soccer and Anime

Favorite Food:  I love to explore new dishes, but I am a fan of Mexican, Italian, Chinese and American traditional dishes

Favorite Teams: SF Giants, LA Lakers, FC Barcelona, Boca Jrs, LAFC

Career Goals: Marketing/Event Operations/ Working for an International Entity


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