Alex Zani

About Alex:

I recently moved to Long Beach from Cincinnati, OH after growing up in Ohio. Graduated from the University of Cincinnati with an undergraduate degree in Sports Administration. After spending a few years working for an insurance companies client relations department, I knew I wanted to get back to my passion and work in the sport industry. Two days after getting married, my wife and I made the move to California and knew I needed to get back to school to learn more about the sport industry and where I can make the most impact. I live and breathe fantasy football from August to December, but I’m still adjusting to the earlier kickoff times here on the west coast interfering with church service. I’m also a die-hard Milwaukee Bucks fan (pre-Giannis) and thinks that 2021 is their year! I’m currently looking to gain a variety of experiences during his time at USF but loves working with data and interacting with people.

Hobbies: Fantasy Football, nightly NBA league pass viewer, concerts (pre-pandemic), Escape Rooms, board games, other fantasy sports.

Favorite teams: Milwaukee Bucks, Cincinnati Reds, Miami Dolphins

Favorite Food: Pizza and Chocolate Chip Cookies

 Favorite Book: Basketball (And Other Things)- Shea Serrano


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