NFL x USFCA Survivor Pick ‘Em

First off, we want to introduce ourselves and let you know a little bit about us. We are the SF Sport Marketing Association, our mission is to explore the sport marketing industry while providing a platform for ideas to be shared and constructive discussions to take place. Through meetings and events, we hope to provide our members with opportunities to grow and develop as they look to become the next generation of sport marketing professionals. 

With classes now back in person, we are in the process of planning events and are excited to announce ways for you to get involved shortly. While we finalize details for those events, we wanted to offer an opportunity to win some cool prizes. Even though we are already a few weeks into the season, we have created an NFL survivor pick ‘em that we would love for you to join. If you’ve never participated in an NFL survivor pick ‘em contest it’s easy and doesn’t take much time at all. I’ll give a quick explanation and then let you know what you can win!

The NFL survivor pick ‘em is a weekly contest, where the ultimate goal is to choose one team to win each week, and the last person to get a week wrong wins. Choose wisely though because once you get one wrong you’re eliminated from the competition. Also, you can only choose a team once, so once you pick them to win, you won’t be able to select them for the rest of the year. If you select a team and the game ends in a tie you will also be eliminated, your team has to win that week’s matchup to advance. Now if multiple people are eliminated during the same week and they are in contention for a prize, the tie-breaker will be predicting the combined score for the following week’s MNF matchup and the closest team to the total score will be given the better finish. This contest might only last a few weeks or it could go until the end of the season depending on your NFL knowledge (and maybe a little luck). So again you’ll need to make sure and remember to log in every week, until you get one wrong, to select one new team that you think will win their matchup. Picks become locked on Sunday at 10am PT each week, so don’t wait too long!

The final three USF students remaining will all win prizes ranging from USF Gear to a Fjallraven backpack. We will reach out to the winners via email after the contest concludes to get information on where we can send their prizes. Please use your USF email address when creating an account for the NFL survivor pick ‘em so we can follow up with you about upcoming SF Sport Marketing events and opportunities. We can’t wait to start hosting in-person events and meeting everyone.

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